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What Color Should I Paint My Nails

It is amazing how many articles and quizzes there are to help you determine, what color should I paint my nails. It has been said that it should be determined by the season or occasion and even by your age. Many years back they were only a couple of options regarding color, style and even the acceptable length of your nails, and there were also only a few nail polish brands to choose. Now the possibilities are endless. To name a few you can paint different color stripes, a French manicure, and there are many types of nail art such as polka dots, flowers and faces. They even have special kits you can purchase to do it at home and nail parties are very popular too.

What Color Should I Paint My Nails

With all the choices, opinions and brands out there it can make your head spin and frankly take the fun out of it. It used to be something you do in your spare time to make yourself feel pretty and feminine. Now, whether you do it at home or in a salon, you feel the pressure of am I doing this right? Is this socially acceptable? Is it the right time of year for this color? Will it go with this dress? Are you too old for this color, are you too young for this color? Should you be trying the latest color and nail art trends? There is one way to stop this madness; it is quite simple.

First, take a deep breath and take it for what is – nail polish. It is important and should make you feel special and beautiful, but it should never become a stress factor. Let the nail polish speak to you. It may sound corny, but it’s very true. Second, you need to determine where you will be going after you paint your nails. Are you going for a job interview, a night out with the girls, to work or are you just painting them for fun? Once you have determined that you can let the polish speak to you. Picture in your mind’s eye what image you would like to project and a perfect color choice will instantly occur to you. Don’t worry about the latest trends, your age or even your style, just go with the flow of the nailbrush. What color should I paint my nails?